It consists in the application of a low frequency current near the peripheral nervous system to increase or decrease the excitability of a group of neurons, the nerve impulse is stimulated and reset for proper neuromuscular functioning.

The treatment is performed ecoguided. We achieve a decrease in pain and an improvement in neuromotor control (improved mobility). The nervous system works by bioelectricity (electrical energy through biochemical reactions), and as we have said at the beginning this energy is able to flow in two senses (brain> periphery> brain).

Neuromodulation is an invasive, safe, effective and virtually painless technique.

The main objectives of neuromodulation are:

  • Reduce pain
  • Restore the function of the nervous system: at the peripheral, central, somatic, autonomic, sensory, motor, vascular, glandular and visceral levels.
  • Improve neuromuscular function, muscle recruitment patterns and motor control.
EPI dry needling ultrasound scan